A Fresh Start in 2024 with Bethany Hamilton

A Fresh Start in 2024 with Bethany Hamilton

We're excited to begin 2024 alongside Bethany Hamilton. As a mom of four who esteems the beauty of being a wife and mom  -- Bethany understands the value of family and the importance of being intentional.

Her greatest area of intentionality is walking alongside her husband, Adam, as they raise their children in a home that loves the Lord. Together, they've created a family where they value each other and living a life of purpose. 

A few of Bethany's tips?

  • Start and end the day in prayer.
  • Teach your children God's Word.
  • Be aligned with your spouse on your goals and intentions for your family and in parenting.
  • Be slow and thoughtful -- continually learn from and listen to your children.
  • Have boundaries and hold to those boundaries.
  • Learn from other parents who are seeking to raise their children intentionally.

As you and your family begin a New Year -- be encouraged. Prioritize the relationships that mean the most, living each day realizing that your family is the greatest adventure you'll ever have.