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Our Mission

We started this company with a simple mission: to provide premium products for every baby. Because every baby is a miracle from God who deserves to be loved, protected, and supported.

Our Promises

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A promise about our products

At EveryLife, we believe in providing for — and protecting — the next generation. And that starts with changing diapers to ensure that the products we use on babies from the moment they are born are nothing but the best. The EveryLife diaper is that diaper — one that is comfortable, yet performs under pressure, keeps your baby’s skin clear and dry, and most importantly, is carefully designed to limit or eliminate the use of harsh chemicals that are harmful to your baby’s developing brain and body.

A promise to our community

We unapologetically choose to celebrate life. Because every child is a gift from above that deserves to be loved, protected, and celebrated — every single day. And our community will be just that: men and women who are joyful about raising children, celebrating life, and championing parenthood. Whether you're in the trenches of raising little ones, hoping to have kids soon, or watching your own children become parents, you belong here. We know there are millions of family members and friends who are aligned with our values but may not have babies at home — which is why we established our ‘buy for a cause’ program — because we want you to be part of this, too.

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mom and baby premium diaper

A promise to our moms

Mom, God has created you to sustain life. You make the hard decisions to protect your little ones every single day and do it with strength and grace. We are here by your side delivering excellent products you can trust, unrivaled customer service, and a community of like-minded parents you can turn to. Women become moms under a variety of circumstances, and we are here to support all of you.

A promise to our dads

Dads, we know being a father is the most important and rewarding job you'll ever have. While many companies in our culture have promoted the weakening of men in American society and spread the notion that masculinity is somehow toxic, EveryLife knows that is nonsense. We stand with strong fathers and know millions of you are out there working hard to provide for and protect your children. We will connect you with a community of like-minded men around this Nation who are proud to be an EveryLife Dad.

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Our Values

Celebrate Life

Every baby is a miracle and a gift from above. We cherish it, celebrate it, and seek to protect it, always.

Stand with Integrity

We are here because our values, vision, and mission are deeply held convictions that drive us to build a different kind of company. We will never sacrifice our beliefs or the integrity of our products for the sake of popularity, gain or grift nor will we support anything that goes against our mission to protect life.

Champion Parenthood

Being a parent is the greatest job we’ll ever have and celebrating the blessing of parenthood is at the heart of what we do. And when we champion parenthood and the innocence of new life — we build a healthier, happier future for our Nation.

Rooted in Faith

Everything we do at EveryLife is grounded in our faith in Christ and the truth of the Gospel.

Our Story

EveryLife’s creation is a miracle in and of itself. We are a small group of parents who are passionate about our faith, our families, and were deeply impacted by the stories of expecting parents who boldly chose to protect the lives of their babies. We have been so impacted and fulfilled through these testimonies — some of which are our very own — that we wanted to inspire a new generation of parents to choose and celebrate life, too.

We were disheartened to learn that many in this industry financially support organizations who destroy innocent life. As parents, we have spent our hard-earned dollars diapering our children with products made by companies that are increasingly pushing anti-family, anti-American agendas that directly contradict our convictions and donate to causes that condemn our values. As these seemingly innocuous companies continue to publicly flaunt normalizing the destruction of life, while denigrating nuclear families, we decided to do something about it.

We were tired of supporting companies that don't understand or respect us, tired of having agendas pushed on us and our youth, and tired of watching millions of innocent gifts from above be wiped away under the guise of equity. We simply couldn't — and wouldn't — sit on the sidelines anymore.

So we started EveryLife – a company that stands with you, because we are you. A company that is dedicated to creating some of the highest quality, clean diapering products on the market at an accessible price point. And while we created EveryLife with high product standards and excellent business practices — we wanted to create a community as much as we wanted to create a company. A community that is as excited about parenthood as we are and provides our moms and dads with resources, dialogue, information, and products that share the joy, the importance, and the path to being an excellent parent. As a community of like-minded parents, we can raise the next generation with the values that made this Nation great.

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How We Give Back

Because every baby is a miracle from God who deserves to be loved, protected, and supported, EveryLife counts it a privilege to donate diapers and wipes to crisis pregnancy centers in urgent need. EveryLife is also proud to financially support Live Action and its impactful educational content that plays a pivotal role in helping parents choose life.

Standing with pro-life, nonprofits across the nation, EveryLife gives a 25% discount to organizations purchasing diapers or diaper and wipe bundles for the moms, dads, and babies they serve.

Buy for a Cause Bundle

You don’t have a baby in diapers but still want to support the cause? When you choose to purchase a 'Buy for a Cause Bundle,' you are donating EveryLife diapers and wipes to a pro-life organization serving the needs of moms and dads who have chosen life for their baby. Opting for a Buy for a Cause Bundle directly aids a family and positively impacts lives. Thank you for making a difference.

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