Strategies to Shop Your Values: EveryLife Co-Founder's Pro-Life Tips

Strategies to Shop Your Values: EveryLife Co-Founder's Pro-Life Tips

The Christian Post recently featured an interview with EveryLife Co-Founder and President Sarah Gabel Seifert on Abby Johnson's "Politely Rude" podcast. Seifert talked about the conservative shopping revolution and shared tips on how to stop shopping at businesses whose owners support abortion. 

The easiest way? Seifert says the answer is Known as America's marketplace, PublicSquare connects consumers with more than 65,000 pro-freedom, pro-family, and pro-life businesses that are reshaping the conservative shopping landscape.

According to Seifert, "while boycotts were effective," they are not the end goal. Consumers instead need to radically shift their dollars toward a solution. 

“There has to be a next step,” she added. “Yes, stop shopping there, but where else do you turn? Well, you find the businesses — and, of course, I’m going to say go to PublicSquare to find them — and whatever you were getting at Target, let’s start getting it somewhere else.”

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