ProLove Ministries to Exclusively Partner with Pro-Life Diaper Company in New Post-Roe World

ProLove Ministries to Exclusively Partner with Pro-Life Diaper Company in New Post-Roe World
JEFFERSON CITY, MO (October 30, 2023) - ProLove Ministries, founded by former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson, is announcing its partnership with the nation’s first and only unapologetically, pro-life diaper company – EveryLife. ProLove will be exclusively purchasing EveryLife diapers for its LoveLine ministry to moms in need, supporting a diaper brand that aligns with the company’s pro-life and pro-family values.

“Americans are finally fed up with the woke values of companies they have long supported and they are looking to spend their hard-earned dollars elsewhere, with companies that value the same things they do,” said Abby Johnson, founder of ProLove Ministries. “Companies like EveryLife, who support pro-life values and the cherishing of every life, are bringing us one step closer to the post-Roe world we envisioned, one that loves and supports women.”

EveryLife’s mission is to create clean, premium baby products that protect and celebrate every miraculous life. An offshoot of the highly successful PublicSq, the leading marketplace for patriotic businesses and consumers, EveryLife just recently launched in July 2023. Today, the company is delivering its high-performing diapers to doorsteps in all 50 states.

"We are incredibly proud to partner with ProLove and their inspiring mission to proactively address essential needs within the pro-life movement," said Sarah Gabel Seifert, Co-founder and President of EveryLife. "EveryLife was founded with a similar vision. Recognizing a gap and a significant need, we established a diaper company that empowers parents to align their values with their purchasing choices."

ProLove Ministries is a network of pro-life ministries that seek to meet women where they are and help them with their material, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. LoveLine is a specific project under ProLove that includes a hotline/text line where pregnant women and single moms with complex needs can receive support and individualized case management services. Resources are vetted by trained employees and volunteers who are able to quickly help the people who need it most.

"A post-Roe America can't be successful without life-affirming enterprise. The overturning of Roe was just the beginning of our mission to make abortion unthinkable,” said Johnson.

“There has to be a vast network of people across the country ready and willing to help women facing unplanned pregnancies with the aid they need. Putting our money where our beliefs lie with companies who support that mission is critical to making abortion unthinkable and removing the violence of abortion from our society. We could not be happier to be partnering with EveryLife.”