10 Remarkable Highlights of 2023

10 Remarkable Highlights of 2023

As we approach the end of the year, we want to take a moment to reflect on the extraordinary journey we've embarked on together. Your support has been the driving force behind EveryLife's success, and we're thrilled to share ten remarkable highlights from 2023.

1 - Fastest Growing Baby Brand in America

Less than six months ago, we launched the first and only unapologetically pro-life diaper company. With awe and excitement, we announce EveryLife's distinction as the fastest-growing baby brand in America. This achievement is a testament to the collective dedication and passion of our team, as well as the unwavering support from customers like you.

It's also a testament to organizations like ProLove Ministries who came out strong on our behalf, saying EveryLife would be the exclusive diaper brand for all of their LoveLine mamas! 

2 - Nearly 1000 5-Star Reviews

We're over-the-moon happy about the nearly 1,000 5-star reviews of our premium diapers and wipes. This milestone not only speaks to the dedication of our team to deliver exceptional quality but also reaffirms the trust and satisfaction customers like you have placed in our products. Without a doubt, it inspires us to continue setting the highest standards in every interaction and every baby care product we bring to life. 

3 - Bethany Hamilton as a Brand Ambassador

Welcoming Bethany Hamilton as a brand ambassador was a big day for EveryLife! Bethany represents everything we believe in as a company. As a mother of four, she extended her influence to support Everylife -- brand that resonates with her view of parenthood, traditional family values, and the sanctity of life.

4 - We're in all 50 States, Baby! 

Just a few short weeks into our launch, we surpassed the incredible milestone of shipping diapers to all 50 states! This was a remarkable feat for our team and our mission to deliver the very best of baby care, all the while giving back and changing lives. 

5 - Maui Efforts – 200,000 Wipes + 140,000 Diapers

Our efforts for Maui relief were nothing short of extraordinary. Thanks to your help, we were able to donate 200,000 wipes and 140,000 diapers to the community. Your contribution has directly blessed the lives of countless families, and we're deeply grateful for your part in making this possible.

6 - Down Syndrome Community Support – Blessing 800 Families

Through your generosity, we've been able to bless almost 800 families with a month's supply of diapers and wipes within the Down syndrome community, through Zoe’s Toolbox. Your compassion and willingness to make a difference have touched the lives of those who need it most.

7 - Celebrated Adoption Month with Lauren Green McAfee 

In November EveryLife was honored to feature the adoption story of Lauren Green McAfee, and her husband, Michael. With a heart for adoption, Lauren Green McAfee is a speaker, writer, and the founder of Stand for Life -- a pro-life organization that provides support for women who experience unexpected pregnancies. We're equally excited Lauren is an #EveryLifeMom!

8 - Partnering with the Nation's Leading Pro-Life Organizations

We're happy to have established strong partnerships with leading pro-life organizations like Heartbeat International, Save the Storks, PreBorn, Human Coalition, and Students for Life as we distribute our Buy for a Cause diapers to those in the greatest need. To date, EveryLife has donated over 280,000 diapers and 430,000 wipes. These numbers reflect the impact we can have when we come together as a community committed to life.

9 - 500 Ambassadors Strong

We launched our ambassador program this November, and it has grown to nearly 500 strong! We could not be more thrilled about the response and have loved building this incredibly special community!

10 - Lastly, YOU are a part of our #EveryLifeFamily

It's true! You and your family joining us on this incredible mission is one of our greatest milestones. We want to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you. Without your support, these accomplishments would not have been possible.

And, that's 2023! We're even more excited for all that is in store for 2024 -- and we're glad you're with us on this journey.

At EveryLife, we’re not just changing diapers; because of you, we’re changing lives.