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Claudia's Story: From Fear to Hope

Fearful of the future, Claudia believed abortion was her only choice. That’s when a scheduled trip for an abortion appointment was interrupted by a mistaken visit to First Choices Pregnancy Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The team at First Choices welcomed Claudia, provided an ultrasound -- and gave her hope.

Strategies to Shop Your Values: EveryLife Co-Founder's Pro-Life Tips

The Christian Post recently featured an interview with EveryLife Co-Founder and President Sarah Gabel Seifert on Abby Johnson's "Politely Rude" podcast. Seifert shared tips on how to help people to stop shopping at businesses whose owners support abortion. 

The easiest way? Seifert says the answer is the PublicSquare app. Known as America's marketplace, Public Square connects users with more than 65,000 pro-freedom, pro-family, and pro-life businesses that are reshaping the conservative shopping landscape.

Shop Your Values This Christmas

In the merry midst of twinkling lights and holiday joy, we totally get the struggle of finding the perfect Christmas gifts -- especially when you want to ensure that companies you support align with your values.

That's why we've partnered with PublicSquare, our parent company, to curate a special gift guide tailored for parents seeking pro-family, pro-life, and pro-freedom products. 

Create a Cherished Autumn Keepsake with Your Little Pumpkin
Scoop up your little one and enjoy a simple DIY keepsake with our FREE "Sweeter Than Pumpkin Pie" printable footprint craft. This delightfully-easy project is perfect for capturing the details of your baby's or toddler's foot, giving you a lasting memory for years to come!
Meet our New Buy For A Cause Partners
EveryLife will be partnering with a selection of leading pro-life organizations who serve the urgent diapering needs of moms and dads who have chosen life for their baby. The initial organizations include: Heartbeat International, Human Coalition, PreBorn!, Save the Storks, Students for Life, and Zoe’s Toolbox. 
Become an EveryLife Ambassador
Join our passionate, pro-life community as an EveryLife Ambassador and play a pivotal role in spreading the word about our premium diapering products and our extraordinary mission to protect and celebrate every precious life. 
ProLove Ministries to Exclusively Partner with Pro-Life Diaper Company in New Post-Roe World
ProLove Ministries, founded by former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson, is announcing its partnership with the nation’s first and only unapologetically, pro-life diaper company – EveryLife. ProLove will be exclusively purchasing EveryLife diapers for its LoveLine ministry to moms in need, supporting a diaper brand that aligns with the company’s pro-life and pro-family values.